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Canada College Montreal

Canada College Montreal

There is a college in Canada Montreal named “Canada College”. The principal of this college is Jamillah Moore. It is a public community college with about 20,000 students. All the other things that you might need to know about this college before admission are given below. The detailed information about Canada College Montreal is given below. So if you want to know more about it, read till the end.

Canada College:

This college was established in 1976. The sole motive of this college is to provide higher education to students from all across Canada and globally as well. And since then, they have been doing great. There are about 20,000 students in this college for the last 40 or so years. These students are from various parts of Canada and all across the world.

Canada College has 3 Campuses located in Montreal:

1 on Sherbrooke Avenue and 2 on the main street – St. Catherine Street which is running through Downtown Montreal, where all shopping malls, designer and fancy shops are.

According to them, they got so much fame that their warm and welcoming ways to attract students. The environment is also warm, and people are helpful in nature. According to them, their institute is not only for studying purposes but also for meeting new people, making friends for a lifetime, and experiencing different cultures and beauties of others. There is no nationality-based or colored-based system in this college, so no one feels uncomfortable in others’ presence. Currently, this institute has about 1200 students enrolled.

Advantages of studying in Canada College Montreal:

This college is a beauty in itself, not only because of only green and golden colors but also because it is located in the heart of Montreal Canada. When they were building this institute, they kept in mind the need for the social life and hustle-bustle of life and that students from other countries can easily find a place to live in that is not that far from the college. Students can also go to various places to see the monuments of Montreal. The most frequently traveled place is the Museums in Montreal in addition to cute little cafés, and stores with trendy clothes, and all the restaurants with the best available food.

Throughout the year, many festivals and events are held out in Montreal, that students can easily enjoy. Montreal’s biggest and known worldwide festival is the Montreal International Firework Festival. The best thing about this college is that it helps you experience the way of living of Canadian people. You can see the daily struggles of people, or others’ success, etc.

Hear from the healthcare minister of Quebec:

The mentioned college is strict about the SOPs. They have taken all the necessary measurements to stop this virus from spreading and to keep their students, staff, and visitors healthy and virus-free. According to the Quebec Minister of healthcare, the number of coronavirus cases is high, but in the farther west north areas, the condition is still under control.

Administration information:

For all the new students from other countries that want to join the Canada College Montreal, you, first of all, need to check in with the government’s official website for online administration, latest traveling information, and guidance. This is to help the students with the best travel information and guide them correctly as there are restrictions in some of the areas of Montreal.

Fee structure:

The structure for the Canada College Montreal fee is given below in this article.

They include all the expenses you would need to pay for like the Diploma Fee is 10000$. It can come up to 15000$ according to the course. Bachelor’s degree Fee is 20000$, but it can also increase up to 35000$. PG diploma Fee is 10000 to 18000$, Master Degree fee is minimum 20000$, but 40000$ is the maximum. Living Expenses are 10000 $.

Now you know the fee structure of this college, so before applying make sure you know the correct amount of money for each course.


Canada College Montreal courses:

Following are the Canada College Montreal courses you can opt for:

  1. Diploma in Database Administration:

This costs about $9250 for a year. The course takes about two years. There is no application fee.

  1. Diploma in Early childhood Education:

This costs about $9250 for a year. The course takes about 2 years before completion. There is no administration fee.

  1. Diploma in Business Administration and Commerce:

This costs about $9250 for a year. The course takes about 2 years before completion. There is no administration fee.

  1. Diploma in Digital Content Creation:

This costs about $1290 for a year. The course takes about 2 years before completion.

  1. Diploma in Business Intelligence:

This costs about $9750 for a year. The course takes about 2 years before completion.

  1. Diploma in Digital Marketing:

This costs about $10288 for a year. The course takes about 2 years before completion.

Teaching system:

The teaching system of College Canada Montreal is well-known all over the globe. They have professional teachers with the best utilities like libraries that have all the books necessary for a student of any course’s use, clean and sanitized environment, and a food court. Canada College Montreal also has the best hand-picked teaching staff for every semester. They want to ensure that their students get the best education they can get and help the country in any possible way.

For example, if a student is studying animal husbandry, they try their best to provide all the necessary things they need, especially a laboratory with a variety of plants that could be studied. There are about 20 labs that students can use. They also have private teachers to further help the students with any problem they could have. They have formed a partnership with various organizers of the public and private sectors to ensure that their students get the best education they can.


There are a lot of things that are required before you can apply for Canada College Montreal. Below are their details:


There are different administration requirements for different courses. For example, if you want to study arts, you need to show them some of your previously made paintings or sketches to see the level of your work. But, if you don’t have any experience, they hold a small test to detect whether or not this program is suitable for you.


You need to show them your documents so that they can know your background. The necessary documents include:

  • CV
  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma or degree
  • Passport
  • Proof of language proficiency

These are all the things that you must have to register in this college. Another thing that a student must show them is your financial information. It is important so that they know the students opting to study for more than 6 months or 24 weeks can financially cover all their expenses. You need to show them your or your guardian bank or financial information.

Additional advantages:

There are a lot of advantages of studying at Canada College Montreal, and those also include the ones mentioned above and the ones I’m going to mention below.

  • They have teachers that are available 24/7 to help any student understand anything they would like. All staff levels are there to help you if your subject teacher is not present due to some problem.
  • There are weekly check-ups to ensure that no student has the coronavirus and that they are safe.
  • To enhance the lifelines of the college and to entertain the students, various activities are conducted throughout the weeks.
  • Their internship departments are available 24/7, so their students can put their skills into practice for their internship.
  • Public transportations are also available in this college. This is so that their students can be taken to the heart of the country, where all the cafes, shops, banks, and restaurants, etc. are present.

Now, these were all the things that you needed to know about Canada College Montreal before applying for the registration. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

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The Ministry of Higher Education has confirmed in an official communication to Canada College Montreal that IRCC will clear all pending complete Study Permit applications from students by AUGUST 6th. If needed and before MAY 15th, you can submit your Study Permit Application with Proof you have applied for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).


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