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IELTS, or The International English Language Testing System, is by far the most enticing English language test- accepted worldwide. It is a standardized English language test that assesses proficiency for non-native English speakers who wish to live, work, and blend into an English-speaking community. So why do you take an IELTS exam? And why is the necessary to account for a proper IELTS Syllabus? Do you need to be worried about our IELTS validity period? There are several reasonable explanations for this, but first, let’s dive deep into what it is all about:

Ielts Syllabus, Ielts validity, Ielts advantage
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The IELTS syllabus center around four distinct spectrums: the ability to read, write, listen and speak proper English. The most striking feature of this test is that it doesn’t tell you whether you have passed- or failed the test. However, you will be marked adhering to a scaling system from 0 to 9- scoring 9 will indicate that you have surpassed all the barriers to become an expert in the language.

Depending on why you’re actually taking this test- for living abroad, starting your career, or maybe you want to pursue higher education- calls for obtaining a specific score. Once you obtain a certificate with a score, you must also account for the IELTS validity of it, which we are going to discuss further in detail. There is about 101 IELTS advantage to talk about, and by now, you probably know- how fruitful it is!

IETLS in need? Eligibility Criteria indeed!

Ahoy people! All you need is a valid passport, that’s it! Oh, lest we forget, you must be a minimum of 16 years old. 

If you slip into one of the following categories, you would be entitled to take the test:

– If you’re planning to study in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United States.

– As a medical practitioner, if you want to practice or research more in the United Kingdom, Australia, or the United States.

– If you’re planning to relocate to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

What do you need to Book an IELTS Test?

  1. A Valid ID: When registering, you will need to upload a copy of your passport. It must be valid at the time of the IELTS Test. Candidates under 18, their parents will need to complete the parents’ consent form.
  2. Bank Card: You can pay for your IELTS test through an online booking system or cash at an ICICI Bank through demand draft.

Find out more about how to pay.

COVID ALERT: IELTS Partners have felt the need of an IELTS Indicator- an online English language exam for aspirants afflicted by the COVID-19 and unable to visit an IELTS test center. The IELTS Indicator will evaluate a student’s English language abilities in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Students will take the exam online while sipping a cup of coffee from the comfort of their homes. Most details about IELTS Predictor are right here.

 IELTS FEE & SCHOLARSHIP: Everything you need to know!

Test fees are:14,000/- to enroll for an IELTS exam, once you take the IELTS validity of the test is for a long period. To know about the exam centers in India for an IELTS exam, click here.

More than 11,000 educational and training providers globally recognize an IELTS credential as proof of proficiency in English. Where the medium of instruction is English- some universities in non-English speaking countries require an IELTS grade/certificate. 

The IELTS Academic examination is appropriate for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as for professional/career purposes. The IELTS Test Fee Scholarship covers an IELTS advantage of the exam’s full fee payment as per British council, AEO, or any other IELTS test-taking organization rates. An IELTS exam’s total fee will be paid to the successful candidates’ bank account within 45 days of the final result declaration. Language competence assessments such as IELTS will take up to months to practice. However, after you clear them with your ideal band ratings, the next thing that will concern you is the IELTS validity time. On the contrary, the good news is that the IELTS validity period is up to 2 years.

Ielts Syllabus, Ielts validity, Ielts advantage
International English Language Testing System.


Parameters Details
Authority Name British Council
Purpose British Council IELTS Scholarship
Minimum Score Required 6.0
Other Requirements Candidate must have an offer letter from College/University


Don’t start snoring yet, the best bit is about to appear! To learn about IELTS advantage; we must account for the types of IELTS syllabus for two different types:

IELTS Academic

IELTS syllabus of Academic is intended for applicants who wish to register for higher education or professional registration in countries where English is taken into account for the native language of contact.

The primary goal of the exam is to determine if an applicant is prepared to begin learning or teaching in the English language. IELTS validity is universally accepted for academic purposes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Ielts Syllabus, Ielts validity, Ielts advantage
IELTS Academic for Study in Canada.

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IELTS General Training

IELTS syllabus of General Training is for aspirants who are looking to migrate to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK or applying for secondary education, training programs, and work experience in an English-speaking environment. Here the examination focuses on the basic survival skills of a candidate in a broad social and workplace environment.

IELTS Exam Pattern: In a nutshell

IELTS Syllabus for Writing Exam: Candidates must complete an undergraduate writing module.

Responses to the academic writing module are brief essays or general reviews written for a well-educated non-specialist audience. There are two mandatory responses. Task 1 accounts for 150 words and applicants are asked to examine a map, chart, or data and describe it in their own words. Task 2 necessitates at least 250 words, and all applicants are given a point of view, statement, or dilemma to present and are asked to provide general factual facts, provide a solution, explain an opinion, analyze proposals and proof, and so on.

Questions: 2

Time allocated: 60 minutes

 IELTS Syllabus of Reading Test:

The reading module consists of three general-interest texts dealing with topics relevant to applicants entering postgraduate or undergraduate programs. Both reading modules are made up of three passages or pages, each of which has forty questions.

Multiple-choice, sentence, or summary completion questions, identifying details for short-answer questions, matching lists or words, and identifying authors’ views/attitudes are examples of question forms.

Questions: 40 (roughly)

Allocated time: 30 minutes

IELTS syllabus for the Listening Segment:

There are four components of the Listening module. The first two audio files are about social issues, and the last two are about conditions that are most closely linked to schooling. They will all last about three minutes. Conversations may be monologues or dialogues. These conversations should only be heard once.

Multiple-choice, short-answer questions, note completion, sentence completion, marking a diagram, and other types of questions are asked.

Questions: in an around 40

Allocated time: 30 minutes

IELTS Syllabus for the Speaking Section: 

IELTS pronunciation or The Speaking section is like a structured interview with an emphasis on general speaking skills. It assesses whether candidates have the required knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with native speakers of English.

Questions: PI (personal interview), little speech & a discussion.

Allocated time: roughly 15 minutes.

IELTS SYLLABUS: The Key Takeaways-

There are two ways to train for the IELTS syllabus coverage: self-study and considering coaching workshops. The path you choose is determined by your level of language proficiency and comfort. You may not need to take coaching courses if you are fluent in English; you should train for the exam on your own, and not ever worrying about the IELTS validity. You simply need to determine when you can begin training yourself for IELTS.

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