Lambton College: Should you join Lambton in 2022?


Lambton College


Lambton College is an internationally recognized college providing higher education to Canadian and overseas citizens as well for 50+ years. It has made its name through excellent performance and results. It was founded in the year 1996, and it provides education for the newly emerging fields of the modern-day world. Lambton College courses include diplomas, short courses, certificates, and post-graduate degrees, including the internship. 

The College was ranked #1 on the list of top 50 research Colleges, according to the report of 2018. The institute has the most professional staff, which has been delivering their best since the College was found. It offers you numerous programs according to almost everyone’s area of interest. Lambton College courses are mentioned below:

Lambton College


List of Lambton College Courses:

  • Advanced Project Management and Strategic Leadership
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Advanced Health Care Leadership
  • Advanced Project Management – Information Technology
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration (Accounting)
  • Business management 
  • Business management (Human resources)
  • Business Writing 
  • Career Transitions
  • Chemical Laboratory Analysis 
  • Cloud Computing for Big Data
  • Cyber Security and Computer Forensics
  • Construction Project Management
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Software and Database Development  
  • Culinary management 
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management 
  • Food Safety & Quality Assurance Management
  • General Arts and Science 
  • Graphic Design Software 
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management – Digital Media
  • Marketing Management – Professional Sales
  • Mobile Application Design & Development
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • Quality Engineering Management
  • Supply Chain Management


These were some of the many courses and programs which the College offers its students. According to your current studies, Lambton College courses are offered twice a year, so it becomes easy for you to apply at any time of the year. 

Not only courses and postgraduate programs, but College also offers Ph.D. programs for you, and they are ranked among the best programs of the institute. All 3 branches of the college do not provide the same courses. The Sarnia campus has a vast variety of courses as compared to the other 2 branches but, the Toronto and Mississauga campus is more popular among the international students.  



Lambton College‘s main campus is located in Sarnia, Ontario, whereas it has its branch situated in Toronto and Mississauga. It serves equally best on all three campuses. If we talk about Lambton College, Toronto, it was opened in partnership with Cestar College.


Lambton College Toronto

It will give you a great opportunity to study in Toronto with the best staff. The campus has very astonishing and skillful teachers who have years of experience and are the best at what they do. Students who study from any campus of the College are the most highly qualified to be hired for their desired jobs and fulfill their dreams. All campuses of the College give the best outcomes. You will never regret your decision to make it to Lambton College. It will bestow you with a good friendly environment and a super cooperative faculty.

Not only is the institute the best choice to study, but it is also budget-friendly as compared to other universities today. The tuition fee of the College is very much affordable. Here is an outline of the fee structure.

Lambton College Mississauga

It was opened by Lambton College in special regard for the international students. This branch was opened in partnership with Queens College. Lambton College Mississauga is a great platform for students who are eager to learn and have a strong future. The fees and Lambton College courses are the same for this branch too.

Outline of the fee structure:

 Sept 2020- April 2021 RESIDENCE TOTAL  $5,400 – $8,150              

Sept 2020-June 2021 (FOR MSTC) $6,750 – $9,500

Sept 2020- Aug 2021 (FOR DSWP,ESTH,

HSTY,RENT) $8,100 – $10,850

May 2020- Aug 2021 $2,700 – $2,950

This was an overlook of the fee structure that the College offers. Almost the same fee is applicable on all campuses, including Lambton College Toronto and Lambton College Mississauga.

As you can have an idea, the fee structure is pretty reasonable in keeping the fact that there is no compromise on the quality of education delivery.

Distinctive traits of Lambton College:

The Colleges’ main campus and its other campuses are some of the best Colleges in the region. They are a challenge for other Colleges to compete with.

It is an institute with a great sense of discipline. The disciplinary staff takes care of all the activities in College. They make sure that no student goes off their eyes when it comes to maintaining rules and regulations. This follows all branches of the College.

The staff provides you with all the material, i.e., notes and other data from which you can take help, and this does for all the courses. But before doing that, they try their best to give lectures in a way in which students grasp the concepts mindfully. This is what distinguishes Lambton College from other Colleges.

Lambton College courses are numerous, and you will have a great number of choices to select your career from.

You will be very happy to join the College as it provides what you are looking for as a student.

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Scholarship’s criteria:

Lambton College also provides scholarships for both national and international students on merit. There are some legalizations that you have to pass through before applying for a scholarship. After that, you will be awarded a scholarship to enjoy. 


Why should you be a part of Lambton College?

When it comes to the ambiance, the College did not compromise. In all the branches, Lambton College Toronto, Lambton College Mississauga, and especially the main campus of the College, it has the best interior, which creates a lovely environment for its students to study in. There are huge libraries with a vast range of books for students to gain knowledge and make themselves victorious and triumphant.

Institute also arranges extracurricular activities for the students so that they get some relaxing days off their busy schedule. Most fun activities take place on the Lambton College Mississauga campus. The environment there is very pleasant and located in a beautiful spot. The College also facilitates its students in hostel necessities. The food quality, room cleaning, staff for other stuff like washing and drying of clothes – the College has provided everything you name and ask for. These conditions go for all campuses. 

The College has also taken care of the security of a student. All the private information like the permanent address and Identity Card number etc. is kept to the administration staff only, and they are used when needed with the consent of the student. As a reference to this, Lambton College Toronto is known globally for its maintenance.               

It has provided health facilities as well. In case of any emergency, there is a designated staff to take care of the student and look after him or her. The proper medication is suggested after having the medical history. Again, these things are practiced at every campus of the institute.


Degrees and courses done from Lambton College speak for themselves. As the College has a great reputation in Canada, you will be fully satisfied to the core of your heart after enrolling yourself in the College and leaving it as a skillful and successful person. Yes, you can join Lambton as it has all the benefits and advantages you can look at in a college.


Happy Learning!!


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