6 Useful tips to get enrolled for May Intake in Canada


Study in Canada: Timeline for May Intake

May intake in canada


As the global coronavirus pandemic is becoming low day by day, the dream of abroad study is also becoming possible again. Yes, in this blog we have some informative details about the may intake in Canada which will help you to accomplish your dream. Well, if you are planning to study abroad then this blog can offer you excellent benefits and information that you are searching for.

If you are looking for a dream opportunity to study in a beautiful country like Canada then we are here to offer you all details. Through this blog, you can collect details about May Intake in Canada programs to accomplish your dreams. All the intakes are the same just the weather is different.

So, if you are ready to collect more details regarding may intake in Canada then you can surely go through the details that are shared below.



During this time, you can indulge yourself in finding a suitable college and university in Canada and a particular program for studying. If you are willing to join the springtime intake in Canada then there are a few important criteria that you need to meet.



Well, if you want may in Canada then you require a 50% score in UGC or other universities. Also, some universities and colleges have their exceptions and different norms for the qualification.

Your graduation degree should have no error or no year back.

Depending on the course and the university, a student should not carry more than 10 backlogs during the graduation timeline.


Benefits Of Studying In Canada

Firstly, in this country, you can get a chance to study in every field to accomplish your dreams.

Secondly, Canada is a well-reputed destination in the entire world where you can have all sorts of career-related opportunities for a brighter future.

Thirdly, Canadian universities are colleges that are efficient and cost-effective. Also, the admission procedure is stress-free for foreign students.

Lastly, you can explore various fields in universities like Arts, languages, science, technology, business, environmental science, medicine, and much more during Canada’s intake.


Best Universities for May Intake In Canada

Well, this wonderful country has the top-class best universities where you can accomplish your dreams without any hassle. And, here we have listed a few universities in Canada where you can enroll during spring intake in Canada to craft your successful future.

  • University Of Toronto
  • University Of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University Of Alberta
  • University Of Montreal


Educational Fee Structure Of Canadian Universities

Naturally, every university or college has its norms, fee structure, and discipline. When we talk about the fee structure of the Canadian universities the prices are highly cost-effective and affordable than Australia, the UK, and other major foreign places.

Likewise, the undergraduate programs of Canadian universities can cost up to $13000 to $21000 approximately. Whereas, master’s and doctoral degrees can range from $7000 to $25000 depending on the university you prefer. Last but not least, MBA is one of the popular study programs that can cost from $30000 to $42000 approximately.

Also, the scholarships and study program duration can vary the cost of the course that you are willing to study during the may intake in Canada


Types Of Scholarships 

There are 3 different kinds of scholarships that you can avail yourself of to get the best benefits of education.

  • Institutional scholarships – offered by the Canadian universities and colleges
  • Non-governmental scholarships – offered by specific NGO’s
  • Canadian Government Scholarships – served by the Government


Criteria For Applying for Scholarships In Canada 

If you want scholarships for studying internationally then there are a few essential criteria that you need to make sure for accomplishing all the eligibility for the scholarships for may intake in Canada.

An academic excellence scholarship is offered for merit-based students with total financial support.

Also, having proficiency scores in the IELTS exams can offer you a Language proficiency scholarship for international students.

Likewise, students can also gain Extracurricular Indulgence scholarship by showcasing their hard work in social work programs, and sports.


Major Study Programs Of Canada 

There are 2 major types of study programs and courses offered by Canadian Universities and colleges.

  • Undergraduate Programs (UG)
  • Postgraduate Programs (PG)


When To Apply For May intake in Canada? 

If you want to apply for the intake in Canada, you can start applying for the universities and colleges from October to December. You can try to apply for the specific program before the deadline appears. Also, you need to stay updated with the websites of the universities and the colleges for getting all sorts of updates regarding intake.


Categories Of Student Visa

May intake in canada
Timeline for may intake.

Student Direct Stream requires qualifications of more than 55% of the last qualifications. In IELTS you need to have more than 6 bands overall with 6 bands in different categories.

In the general category, the minimum percentage that is needed is 50% and in IELTS you need more than 5.5/5 bands.

In University Category you need more than 60% in the last qualification. Also, these criteria may vary according to the requirements of the universities.


Major Steps To Get Enrolled For Spring Intake In Canada

  • Firstly, for may intake in Canada you need to choose the right university for yourself, study all the detailed information served by the intuition, and make sure of the deadlines of the admission.
  • Secondly, make sure to appear for the examination for the university requirements and take IELTS coaching.
  • Thirdly, start applying for the universities and colleges before the deadline appears.
  • Most importantly, don’t delay in responding to the letters of the college (Letter Of Acceptance) and start the preparation for the interviews, but not all colleges take interviews.
  • Also, you get a student VISA, education loan, and scholarships as soon as possible.
  • Lastly, make sure to book the air tickets on time and make sure to carry the required documents and major necessities with you for a new beginning.


Documents Required For Student VISA

May intake in canada

  • Valid passport
  • All Degree Certificates
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Certificates of major achievements
  • Acceptance letter by the college
  • Evidence of payments and funds (GIC)
  • Student permit
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • IELTS  and other additional necessary documents will be required to get Student VISA for spring intake in Canada.


Therefore, we hope that this blog has served you all the beneficial and informative details about Intake in Canada. Thus, now it’s you’re your turn to accomplish your foreign education dreams by following and understanding these basic steps for may intake in Canada and if you still have queries and doubts then you can check out our website and learn more.


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