4 best Pg Diploma Courses in Canada


Everything you need to know about PG diploma courses in Canada

Pg Diploma Courses in canada


A postgraduate or PG diploma course is getting more popular than ever, but students struggle to get a PG diploma. PG diploma course refers to a short course which you enroll yourself into after your bachelor’s. It is a course of 1 or 1 and a half years, and it is equally beneficial as any other degree program. You get to learn a lot of new knowledge and adopt new skills. PG diploma courses in Canada are best for the people who prefer to study more but in less time. 

Often foreign students opt for a PG diploma in Canada. This is because it liberates them to study and have a job simultaneously. There are absolutely no restrictions on a student by the government to not work. PG diploma courses in Canada have very much to offer a student. We will further discuss some best PG diploma courses in Canada.

Different types of PG diploma courses in Canada:

Pg Diploma courses in Canada
Types of Pg Diploma Courses in Canada.

Business/ analytics management:


Canada is best known for business student studies. With this reference, a PG diploma course of 2 years in business/ analytics management will suit you best if you have been a commerce or stats student before.



Marketing is the most asked for the course all around the globe. PG diploma in Canada offers you many opportunities to build your marketing and research skills which will help you in the new modern world of marketing and business.

Computer system technician networking:


If you plan to pursue a computer as your career after completing your university or college, this 2 years PG course in Canada can be your future. We are all well familiar with the computer and technology advancement in today’s world, so the course, PG diploma in Canada won’t leave you with anything.

Supply chain management:


This field offers you various jobs to do. The most fundamental task of a supply chain manager is to convert raw materials into fine final products. This course is for 1 and 2 years both.

The 4 mentioned courses are the most approved PG diploma courses in Canada. They are becoming more demanding day by day, and it fits almost all the students coming from any educational background.

Student’s big concern is the fee that a PG diploma in Canada asks for them. Well, it should be as education is becoming more and more expensive. We will further discuss the fee of every mentioned course and the institutes in Canada that are best for them.

Business management:


For a business management PG diploma in Canada, MacEwan University is the best option for you. The annual fee for this course is CAD 80,400.


To indulge yourself in MacEwan College for a PG diploma in Canada course in business management, you need to have a 65% average score and not below 50% in any subject. Many other colleges also offer you business management courses in Canada. Their fee may vary from CAD 14,600 to CAD 29,800.



Brock University is best known for its marketing course in Canada. The annual fee for this course is CAD 62,000. Identification of client’s requirements, service offerings, and advertising them at the end are some salient features this course can help you excel in.


The PG diploma in Canadian marketing from Brock University demands you a four-year bachelor’s degree with a B+ or 78% score. You must have scored 550 on the GMAT examination. English proficiency is required as well.

Computer system technician networking:


The best college for computer system technician networking is Georgian College. This course duration is of 2 years. It is a full-time course, not a part-time one. Most people come from European countries to study PG diploma in Canada. The annual fee of this course is $27510 at Georgian College.


Students have to clear/pass the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) test or any qualification equivalent to it with a 65% score. High school students are also considered for admission.

Supply Chain Management:


Rotman School of management is the best institution for supply chain management PG diploma courses in Canada. The average annual cost for international students specifically is $92,387. It may vary based on your country’s currency too.


This is a 2 years diploma course, and it requires a bachelor’s certificate or any equivalent qualification. Your minimum score should be 65% to be eligible for this course at Rotman School of management.

During the times of global pandemic, Covid-19 all the applications of every institution are taken and verified online through their websites. Now that we have discussed some major PG diploma courses in Canada, we would also like to answer your one query that what’s the difference between a PG diploma course and a Master’s degree?


Check out the list of

Colleges offering Pg diploma courses.

Colleges/Universities offering Masters’s Degree. (Mba and other Masters Degree as well)


Pg diploma vs Masters in Canada:


Pg diploma courses in canada
Pg Diploma or Master’s

First of all, a PG diploma course is as good as a master’s degree. It has the same number of options and future opportunities for you as a master’s degree or program. The courses offered to you for masters are also offered for PG diploma courses. The difference is between the time or time duration of both the programs. A diploma is comparatively shorter than a master’s degree, a year or 2 years or 180 credit hours.

While both the programs compromise of same subjects that you will study. The second difference between a PG diploma vs Master’s in Canada is the cost of it. It comes naturally, a course of 1-year duration and a course of 2-year duration can never be of the same cost. The third difference between them in Canada is the institutes. Not all big institutions offer a PG diploma course, most of them go for a master’s degree, but you still have many options to choose from. Anyhow, it doesn’t make a lot of blank space to cover.  A PG diploma vs a Master’s in Canada both bring you the brightest future ahead. 

The PG diploma courses in Canada have skyrocketed their popularity and fame in the past years. Almost all the national and international students are willing to take these courses, which are high in demand in the market. Both degrees in Canada will open the same gates of opportunities for you, and you will not regret opting for a PG diploma course. Most international students prefer diploma courses over masters as it is a more reasonable and budget-friendly option to study and live in Canada.


So these were some of the things that may help you in the future for your studies in going for the best PG diploma in Canada. These things will also help you in knowing whether a PG diploma vs a master’s degree is better for young minds or not.


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