Conquer your dreams to Study in Canada after 12th.


Study in Canada after 12th

study in canada after 12th


Searching for what to study after passing high school is hard. You don’t know what the profession that best suits you is. Or whether or not it will be beneficial for you in the future! But, here we have come up with the best universities, courses, and also time to help you with selecting the course that best suits you. Therefore read till the end to find out all that you need to know about study in Canada after 12th.

The reason why people love to spend their vacations in Canada! This is because Canada is a place surrounded by dense forests, natural beauty, and all that. But studying in Canada is hard. Furthermore, students not only have to worry about their grades but the expenses too.

Canada is a costly place to study in no matter what profession you chose. The starting point is $10,000 only and to think that it can reach up to $35,000 is just crazy. All the information is given below for those who want to study in Canada after 12th. Hence read till the end to find the courses that are suitable for you! Canada is not known as the best place to study for no reason, right? I’m about to show you what Canada is offering to students.


study in canada after 12th
An Estimate Budget.


But for applying to any university in Canada, you need to have the following things to get admission.

Necessary documents:

The first thing you need when applying for a university in Canada is generally your documents. Different universities ask for different documents. The basic documents asked are the 10th +2 Marksheets and IELTS scorecard.


Some universities ask for resumes from you. So, the main thing required is your resume. This is so they know what you have achieved till then and also what your GPA is, etc. all this is necessary.


Firstly, you need to give them your statement of the reason why you are applying to their university or why you chose that particular subject. You need to be honest while answering their questions. Or, as a result, it may cause some trouble for you.

Recommendation letters:

When you are applying for any university, they contrarily ask for recommendation letters. Hence, there should always be two recommendation letters. If you don’t have them, it is nearly impossible to get admission to that university.


We have a list of courses students can study in Canada after 12th. If you are interested in studying in Canada after 12th, then you can choose from them.


For medical students:

To study in Canada after 12th medical students have a lot of options of different courses they can opt for. The list is given below:

They are B. Pharm or Pharm D. If you want to rather study BSc courses then they are BSc Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biotechnology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Bioinformatics, and Anthropology.

In addition to Microbiology, Zoology, Forensic Science, Agriculture, Pathology, or BSc Horticulture. Likewise, other BSc courses include BSc in Genetics, BSc in Health Science and Nutrition, BSc in Sports Science, BSc in Audiology, BSc in Botany, BSc in Operation Theatre Technology, BSc in Anesthesia, and Operation Theatre Technology, BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology, MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BPT, BOT, BASLP, and BUMS for the medical students.

Overall, these were all the courses you can opt for to study in Canada after 12th medical.


Medical courses without Maths:

Moreover, if you are someone who shows interest in medical courses without maths, then for you we have named basically all those particular courses. Now, you can choose from one of them to study in Canada after 12th medical.

You can choose MBBS if you are a medical student who doesn’t want maths. Or you can opt for BAMS (Ayurvedic), Homoeopathy, BDS, B VSC AH, Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, BSc Nursing, BSc Dairy Technology, BSc Home Science, B.Pharm, and Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology (BMLT), whatever you like.


Non-medical and arts:

There are also a lot of non-medical and arts courses you can opt for in Canada. All the names of the courses are listed below to study in Canada after 12th nonmedical students can go for. So, to show your interest, you can also apply for them as soon as possible.

They include all the possibilities like Electrical Engineering, Information and Technology Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Textile Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, BSc Physics, BSc Chemistry, BSc Mathematics, and BArch.

These were all the courses of non-medical and arts that are provided by the Canadian universities after 10 + 2.


Commerce courses:

There are a lot of Commerce courses available to study in Canada after 12th. If you are looking for the names of the courses provided by the Canadian universities above all other things, then you have come to the right place. All the Commerce courses are given below.

To study in Canada after 12th commerce students can opt for B.Com, BBA, Bachelors of Management Studies, Bachelor of Foreign Trades, Company Secretary, Accountancy Courses, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Statistics, Certified Financial Planner, Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics, BSc Actuarial Science, and BCA.

Diploma Courses you can opt for:

There are a lot of diploma courses a student can apply for if they want to study in Canada after 12th for higher studies.

They include Diplomas in Mechanical Engineering, in Civil Engineering, in Computer Engineering, Automotive Engineering, EC Engineering, in Electrical Engineering, in Aeronautics Engineering, in Architectural Engineering, and Technical Engineering Diploma courses.

You can also go for a diploma in Fire and Safety Management, Hotel Management, animation technology, and multimedia diplomas, if not ornamentation, DCP, Nursing, or Steward-related Diploma courses. Other Diplomas include courses to become a fitness instructor, or you can get DMLT, Dialysis Technology, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Urology, Anesthesia Technology, Ophthalmology related diploma course, in RN diploma course, DHLS, Dental Hygienist, Medical Lab Technology, OT Technology, Architectural Assistantship, and Diploma BBM or BSBM.

Other Diploma Courses:

There are a lot of other diploma courses you can apply for if you want to study in Canada after 12th. They are; Diplomas in B.A (acting, etc.), in Viscom, in Video Jockey, Radio Jockey, In Photography, DPE, DEE, and in Fashion Technology. Others include Diplomas in Fashion Designingand in Associate’s Degree.

For engineering students:

The courses that the students of engineering can opt for to study in Canada after 12th are Electrical engineer, Mechanical engineer, Project engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and  Engineering Manager. The other courses include Process Engineer, Quality engineer, Civil engineering technician, Chemical Engineering.

You can go for the course you desire. These were all the courses that Canadian universities provide for engineers.

For Arts students:

Following are some courses to study in Canada after 12th arts students can opt for.

There are not only History, Psychology, and Journalism & Mass Communications but, Economics, Sociology, Or Any Regional Languages, Fine Arts, Hotel Management, or Law Courses are also available too. There are also Fashion Design/ Interior Design, Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management, BA and BFA, Game Design/Graphic Design, B.A.J.M.C, and DipEd included.

These were all the courses of diplomas and degrees we could find that are for the art students in any of the Canadian universities.



Now you know what courses are available for you to study in Canada after 12th. Hopefully, you will choose the best course that best suits your taste. Canada is a great country for people who are goal-oriented.


Happy Learning!!


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